What Bass Mentoring Via Skype or In Person With Steve Bryant Does For You

steveb3Learn the Real Deal, Real World skills that you need to function in the competitive world of professional music and to realize your creative ideas. Most bass books and music store lessons are at best not addressing the needs of a player with pro or semi pro aspirations, and at worst is dangerous in incorrect playing habits that leaves the player feeling defeated and discouraged. Many unaware players striving to improve their craft go to the internet and watch free material such as ”bass scales”, ”bass secrets” , ”bass hand stretching”, and ”string crossing technique” waste time and effort. They discover how useless this is when they work with players who require the bassist to understand chords, song structure, length of notes, a great ear, the ability to communicate music with others musically and verbally, and of course last but not least GREAT TIME!
I teach my students what is REQUIRED to becoming an employable, well trained bass musician..proper technique that will not cripple you, Chordal playing that is the foundation of ALL Music, and improvisational skills that will have you creating your own lines and giving you the basis to explore your own tastes and personal goals….¬† 75 minute¬† lessons are $80 .00 and Skype for $ 83.00.
I have taught since 1979 and since I am a full time career session bassist I tutor the student in those skills I use day in and day out. I also Skype tutor and have students in various states who take lessons via this exciting and powerful medium. It is also a wonderful advantage for my local students who do in person session when the weather is bad, saving money on gas, or a very tight schedule regarding travel time.