Knowing Your Chordal patterns and the application of them

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In my private teaching and also Worldwide on Skype, I do stress very strongly with my students the importance of knowing your chords and the patterns they convey in making music and creating that serious underpinning that makes a great bass line….You will not function in pro quality music without getting this skill in your mind, ears and fingers. It is the direct link of playing what’s right for a song in musical terms, NOT playing licks that you know into a song….and that is a dead giveaway that the bassist is not fully prepared to function ….too much practicing nowadays with tricks, scales, ” working on catching a groove” etc..that is not based on music fundamentals — when you study music content, it points the way to good technique as a byproduct of learning music that helps you express your ideas as will as understanding and playing the ideas of others… and that is clearly that hallmark of a pro player..and frankly you help your chances of employment too:-) ¬†Art is a function of expression with out limits and is the open range of our feelings — Craft is understanding the tools to get there and place them at the service of art and/or employability…..Don’t confuse Craft with Art…Art is the urge to express, Craft is knowing how to…..Make your practice time productive in working on musical facts….this you do unfailingly for those of you with pro and semi-pro aspirations…and also those who simply want to play better ….

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