Bass guitar lessons comments from two students

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Received a very kind email from a student…Thanks Matt!

“I moved to Nashville one year ago and was lucky enough to get in touch with Steve. His instruction is not your run of the mill variety. He cuts out the nonsense and shares with you real world knowledge, techniques, and methods that he himself uses on a daily basis as one of Nashville’s most sought after session players. Studying with Steve is one light bulb going off after another. No matter what level of experience you have or what style(s) you play, you will be a better musician after studying with Steve.” – Matt Cantin

also a wonderful comment from another student:

” As a former student of Steve, I could not agree more. If you want to improve your musicianship, marketability, applied learning, go see Steve Bryant–in person or on Skype.” ¬†– ¬†David Galante

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