I am endorsed by Rupert Neve and had a great time doing the video at Ted Nelson’s Sound Concepts in Nashville

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fun vid for Rupert Neve Designs from yours truly

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Nice Testimonial from Student Kirby Green

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I am very grateful for the sessions I have had with Steve. I have left each session excited and motivated to work even harder on my skills as a bassist. He is patient and gladly willing to answer any questions I have, all while still guiding the lessons in a very methodical and clear manner. Steve is undoubtedly one of the best at what he does, and it is a true blessing that he enjoys sharing his gift through mentoring students. Thank you Steve for your encouragement, kindness, and wisdom.
fellow Bass Clef friend,
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check out a great explanation of how to practice and also how I teach

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Teaching professional grade lessons. Learn from a Nashville Studio Pro…  Worldwide via Skype and privately in Nashville …..Contact me sadtyler@comcast.net

working on music facts and developing fine motor skills = musicianship


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Bass guitar lessons comments from two students

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Received a very kind email from a student…Thanks Matt!

“I moved to Nashville one year ago and was lucky enough to get in touch with Steve. His instruction is not your run of the mill variety. He cuts out the nonsense and shares with you real world knowledge, techniques, and methods that he himself uses on a daily basis as one of Nashville’s most sought after session players. Studying with Steve is one light bulb going off after another. No matter what level of experience you have or what style(s) you play, you will be a better musician after studying with Steve.” – Matt Cantin

also a wonderful comment from another student:

” As a former student of Steve, I could not agree more. If you want to improve your musicianship, marketability, applied learning, go see Steve Bryant–in person or on Skype.”  –  David Galante

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Bass Lessons Online How do I improve? A quick but effective overview…

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The subject of what to practice on bass is overwhelming in the number of posts and Youtube videos that are being paraded on the internet. Many times the content offers so little! I have at times ” deprogrammed” new students who had accepted ( because they didn’t know better) unworkable methods that were not grounded in music content. Learning music informs your art of playing at minimum and enables you to be competitive to ” earn in the real world”. Why do we accept that a lawyer would get applied knowledge in order to earn his fee, but not have the same standard for a young or perhaps not so young bassist wanting to learn his craft to satisfy the requirements of the music.

Practicing musical information is not supposed to be emotional, you are regarding musical facts that you need to know, play and hear in order to play your ideas and the ideas of others in a method of communication that has been in use for hundreds of years regardless of the style being played. Small wonder that the bassist is confused and not getting good quality methods based on the language and craft of music.

The web has brought a wealth of information, both correct and incorrect, in our homes. As I am fond of telling my students in regards to practicing: ” The only bad mistake is the one you didn’t realize that you made”….studying music gives us how and why of practice and how to correct mistakes. Become a better musician getting quality instruction and applying yourself..

I’ve had the great pleasure of ” pouring in” to students who earn that title and some of gone on to be wonderful and successful bass musicians in their own right. All of them learn craft and music and can fit the requirement of the gig…and they all play their own way in expressing their art. However, they function well in whatever musical environment they are in.

Contact me if you want to hear more about learning Craft to inform your art and compete ”Real World, Real Deal”…. sadtyler@comcast.net






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Knowing Your Chordal patterns and the application of them

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In my private teaching and also Worldwide on Skype, I do stress very strongly with my students the importance of knowing your chords and the patterns they convey in making music and creating that serious underpinning that makes a great bass line….You will not function in pro quality music without getting this skill in your mind, ears and fingers. It is the direct link of playing what’s right for a song in musical terms, NOT playing licks that you know into a song….and that is a dead giveaway that the bassist is not fully prepared to function ….too much practicing nowadays with tricks, scales, ” working on catching a groove” etc..that is not based on music fundamentals — when you study music content, it points the way to good technique as a byproduct of learning music that helps you express your ideas as will as understanding and playing the ideas of others… and that is clearly that hallmark of a pro player..and frankly you help your chances of employment too:-)  Art is a function of expression with out limits and is the open range of our feelings — Craft is understanding the tools to get there and place them at the service of art and/or employability…..Don’t confuse Craft with Art…Art is the urge to express, Craft is knowing how to…..Make your practice time productive in working on musical facts….this you do unfailingly for those of you with pro and semi-pro aspirations…and also those who simply want to play better ….

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Bass Lessons from a Nashville Studio Musician

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Bass Lessons from a Nashville Studio Musician
Lessons from a Nashville Bassist with 34 years experience with all types of music — Real Deal, Real World….As a bassist, knowing the chords and the how/why of their movement in a song is vastly more important than running scales as your practice content…Over the years, I’ve had to ”deprogram” some students from this method …once they see that music exists and is expressed in chords, the musicianships grows and their abilities expand..( and fulfill the requirements of the gig) for those interested, contact me via private message here or at sadtyler@comcast.net
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